Introducing PicoEVB

The world's most compact FPGA development kit- it fits in your laptop!

PicoEVB pictured installed inside a laptop

The Artix development kit that fits in a laptop or PC

Screenshot of vivado connected to PicoEVB

Built-in JTAG cable

PicoEVB with LEDs highlited

User Controlled LEDs

Back of PicoEVB showing digital I/O connector

Analog and Digital I/O

PicoEVB with MGT connectors highlited

High-Speed Digital I/O

PicoEVB block diagram, showing IO, built-in JTAG cable, MGT, LEDs

Convenient Design

Works with Windows and Linux

Works with Windows or Linux

We're on Github

Up-to-date schematics, drivers, and documentation available on Github